iovation FraudForce stops online and mobile fraud in real time. Utilizing powerful device recognition technology and a unique approach to device intelligence that leverages device-to-device and device-to-account associations, device history, and 66M detailed reports of confirmed fraud from a global network of fraud and security analysts, iovation provides the tools online businesses need to stop fraudsters and fraud rings without sacrificing customer experience.

By recognizing Internet-connected devices without requiring directly identifying personal data, iovation's technology adds an independent layer of recognition that’s separate from data that may have been previously compromised.

This powerful fraud prevention technology can be easily integrated into any native app (iOS, Android, Windows, Mac OS) or web application, and at any customer touch point where fraud risk is a concern, such as account creation or modification, purchase or transfer.

Read the datasheet to learn more about real-time device reputation and verification insight powered by device intelligence.