• Recognize good loan applicants from their first visit.

    Confidently identify devices associated with good loan applicants, and onboard them seamlessly. The combination of our network of collective data intelligence, our device reputation platform and our machine learning solutions gives you confidence that each new account can be trusted.

  • Leverage velocities to catch first-party loan fraud.

    Monitor for abnormal device and account velocities that can reveal first-party loan fraud. For example, if there’s a device that has applied for 15 loans in a week, that’s not normal consumer behavior and requires investigation.

  • Stop devices with loan abuse history, even if they’re new to you.

    Keep out devices that have been reported for specific types of abuse or fraud, such as loan fraud or application fraud, leveraging insights from your own business or from any of the 35,000 brands we protect globally.

  • Stop loan stacking at account origination.

    Prevent loan stacking at account origination, before fraud can impact your business. When known customers apply for a loan, use multifactor authentication to instantly verify your borrower’s identity.

Proven results against loan fraud.

Our solutions make your offerings more competitive and customer-friendly.

iovation is a unique source of information for us that we are not able to obtain anywhere else. We use external bureaus with our own scoring system, but iovation is one of the key tolls we use to prevent fraud and without it, we do not have a replacement for it.

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