Our customers trust us to help solve their fraud and authentication challenges; our world-class Customer Success team returns that trust by working closely with our customers to understand their systems and business needs. We make it our mission to build long-term partnerships in order to ensure our customers’ success.

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Melissa Gaddis:
I'm Melissa Gaddis, and I'm the senior director of Global Customer Success. I attend a lot of customer meetings, and not long ago, I was in one where an executive said, "I'm always embarrassed that your team seems to know more about our systems than our team does." I said, "Well, why would you be embarrassed by that? You should expect our team to understand the systems that are utilized to mitigate fraud and authentication within your organization."

Melissa Gaddis:
Given that we frequently see across business units, we tend to have a more holistic approach and a more holistic view of these systems than, perhaps, individual team members. It should absolutely be an expectation you have, not only of our team but all of your vendors.

Melissa Gaddis:
Our partnership approach is really what makes our Customer Success Team stand out against the competition. We have longterm relationships with our customers, and in building those longterm relationships, we help our customers succeed with their fraud and mitigation strategies. With the expertise we have across all of these industries from retail to financial services, telecommunications, gaming, gambling, we bring a level of expertise to the table that helps people see beyond the simple fraud, perhaps, that they're experiencing with their own organization because at the end of the day, fraudsters really don't care what industry you're in, fraudsters simply want to make money.