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Fight online fraud with the best.

Online businesses such as CashStar, AT&T Performing Arts Center, Cupid Media, Ingo Money, Genting Alderney and Paf speak about why they joined iovation's global device intelligence network and benefit from its consortium of 4.7 billion devices and 47 million reports of fraud and abuse. Hear how they use iovation to detect and shut down fraudsters on their website and mobile apps.

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You've got fraud. We have solutions.

Apply our robust device-based fraud prevention services to your online and mobile fraud challenges. Leverage the power of device intelligence and tap into 47 million known fraud and abuse events such as credit card fraud, phishing, identity theft and account takeovers. 

  • When a customer visits your site, we instantly collect information about the device they are using. We evaluate it for patterns that suggest fraud, and a deny, allow or review recommendation is returned, all in about a tenth of a second.

  • Our distributed SaaS infrastructure supports the largest transaction volumes in the world with an average response time of 100 milliseconds. Our active-active infrastructure means no service interruptions during updates or maintenance.

Identify patterns that indicate fraud.

Establish fraud risk and the need for further transaction review based on suspicious behavior and inconsistent data elements. Device anomalies can help you accurately separate the fraudsters from your good customers.

  • Transactions from TOR
  • Geolocation and IP address mismatches
  • High-risk locations, IPs, and ISPs
  • Time zone mismatches
  • Proxy use
  • Velocity risks like multiple new devices per account
  • Shipping and billing address mismatches
  • Jailbroken or rooted mobile devices

Fight fraud using advanced machine learning

Our real-time machine learning analytics are continuously monitoring billions of global transactions, looking for subtle device, transaction, and account patterns that predict fraudulent behavior.

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  • Fraudsters are fast and continuously trying different tactics to break your defenses. Even though you may have an extensive set of business rules to fight fraud that is known to you, how often are you able to update them?  

  • SureScore is an adaptive, real-time score – using machine learning algorithms to detect subtle, global behavioral, context, and attribute patterns from devices, transactions, and accounts – that continuously protects you from new fraud trends.

  • Smart Learning

    SureScore automatically learns from the millions of confirmed fraud reports placed by our fraud analysts.

  • Millions of Attribute Patterns

    SureScore analyzes millions of patterns of device, transaction, and account attributes to detect subtle patterns that indicate fraud.

  • Risk and Trust

    SureScore is a full-range score that predicts the degree of risk or trust of the transaction.

Uncover new fraud using advanced transaction search and reporting.

By using our device-based intelligence with your transaction information* such as purchase amount, SKU, email address, phone number, referring URL, and hardware details, you can better pinpoint fraud. After adding transaction details to your current API calls, you can set up real-time business rules in order to act on this data. Get answers to questions such as:

  • Is the transaction amount within an expected range?

  • Is the email address used in a credit application coming from a risky domain?

  • Is an applicant using multiple email addresses from the same computer?

  • Has the phone number for the account been used with more than three devices?

  • Which accounts have applied for more than $1,000 in credit in the last day?

  • Have any devices spent more than $1,200 in the last 12 hours?

*Due to varying international privacy regulations, some transaction insight fields are not available in some geo-political regions.

Writing screen resolution and time zone specific businesses rules helped us identity a developer writing 200+ fake reviews and another writing 6,000 fake reviews for another site."

JT Buser

Streamline your review process with Business Rules.

Quickly thwart attacks with customizable business rules. Once a high-risk behavior is identified, your custom business rules will flag the transaction. Rules can be easily added, adjusted or deleted on the fly, with immediate impact. Our rule sets can be created for any customer touch point—including login, account creation, funds transfer and checkout. Your integration team and our dedicated client managers will help you fine-tune each business rule for your specific needs. 

  • Evidence

    Identifies risky devices already associated with fraud and abuse at other businesses.

  • Geolocation

    Gets users actual location with Real IP, reveal unauthorized countries, TOR use and more.

  • Velocity

    Set thresholds such as too many transactions or multiple devices accessing account.

  • Watch List

    Create your own custom-built positive or negative lists based on your specific needs.

  • Risk Profile

    Indicates when a device has characteristics similar to other groups of risky devices.

  • Age-Based

    Shows the amount of history that you have with a paired account and device.

  • Anomaly

    Reveals when the device has risky characteristics or is trying to evade detection.

  • Compound

    Combine multiple rules to expand use cases and pinpoint specific fraud behavior.

Business rules favored by iovation clients

Fraud professionals discuss where they get the most value from iovation’s risk service. With multiple categories of business rules to chose from, global clients share how they best leverage them. In many cases, it’s testing out new situations by turning on rules and setting the values to zero. Then they can see how many hits they have received and assess the thresholds that are the best fit for their company, risk tolerance and size of team.

View Retail Case Study

Get timely reporting about transaction activity.

In addition to running ad-hoc reports in the administration console, each day our clients receive a Digest of Suspicious Activity, a highly configurable report that displays all transactions that meet any of your configured conditions or triggers. Clients also receive a Transaction Activity report for the month (including transaction result) and a weekly Weighted Business Rules report. This report displays all transactions that come in during the reporting period that matched at least one rule.

  • The Digest of Suspicious Activity combines several key data elements into one report for a comprehensive view of all recent transactions that may warrant review.

  • The Weighted Business Rule Detail Report displays details for all transactions that came in during the reporting period that matched at least one rule.

  • The Transaction Activity Report displays a total of all billable transactions sent to iovation during the month and broken down by transaction result.

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