Stop fraud, not good consumers.

Plug into our experience with fraud prevention solutions, including more than 6 billion devices. Clearly distinguish fraudsters from good consumers based on device recognition, context and reputation.

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Build trusted connections and fight fraud together.

Join more than 5,000 fraud prevention experts contributing to and benefiting from our global fraud intelligence platform.

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Target the fraud types that matter most to you.

Your business is unique. Tailor your fraud prevention strategies with industry-specific fraud reports confirmed by fraud prevention experts. Worried about account takeover, synthetic identities, application fraud? What about chat abuse, policy violations, promotion abuse, romance scams? We have you covered.

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Here’s how FraudForce works.

FraudForce recognizes any device and prevents fraud attempts by evaluating associated accounts and devices, past history and suspicious behaviors. Customize your fraud detection and prevention business rules to identify evasion methods, geolocation anomalies, unusual velocities, fraud reports data inconsistencies, botnet and proxy detection.

Recognize Devices Instantly

Analyze thousands of attributes to accurately recognize a device while minimizing false positives.

Advanced Analytics

Detect specific fraud patterns, such as a device accessing multiple accounts within a period of time.

Real-time Risk Insight

Watch for mismatches and high-risk activity from specific timezones, regions and IP addresses.

Evasion Detection

Stop fraudsters hiding behind proxy servers, TOR networks, VPNs, mobile virtual machines, emulators or other anonymizing technology.

Community Support

Connect your team with our network of 5,000 fraud detection and prevention experts to share insights, device intelligence and confirmed fraud activities.

Privacy by Design

Assess risk without requiring directly-identifying personal information.

Proof of performance.

iovation is part of our go-to-market strategy, in new markets we see an ROI of 200x and once the market stabilizes we see an ROI of 100x. Our board of directors is very pleased with this. We wouldn't launch into a new market without the support and data from iovation.

Lasma Supe Chief Risk Officer, Sun Finance

Here’s what you get with FraudForce Device-Based Reputation.

Our customer success specialists are ready to help you quickly integrate FraudForce into your system and customize it for your needs.

  • Fraud prevention in real time: In about 100ms we are able to recognize a device, determine if it’s evading detection and associated with past fraud, and run all of the risk checks you’ve specified.
  • 99.9% uptime: Our distributed SaaS infrastructure supports some of the largest transaction volumes in the fraud prevention solutions business with no interruptions during updates or maintenance.
  • Quickly adapt to changing fraud patterns: Our powerful and flexible business rules editor enables fraud analysts to react immediately to new threats.
  • World-class fraud experts: Add our trusted fraud advisors to your team. Our customer success team partners with you to solve your unique business challenges and adapt to an ever-changing fraud environment.
  • Equipped for success: We provide continued training on new features and functionality through our help portal, eLearning webinars and our active user community.

Questions? We have answers.

How do device associations help in identifying fraud rings?

Discover cybercriminals working together by exposing hidden associations. Our patented technology allows us to reveal hidden connections between devices and accounts, even across subscribers and industries. When fraud is confirmed as coming from one of these devices, we propagate that fraud evidence to all other closely related devices and accounts, stopping coordinated fraud rings.

What support is offered post-purchase?

With a customer retention rate of 97%, we are invested in your success. Our stellar Customer Success organization will partner with you to solve your business challenges, maximize the value of our fraud detection and prevention solutions for you, and ensure your business is safe from cybercriminal activity while assuring your customers are not encumbered by any protections you put in place.

From the day you sign your contract, you are assigned a dedicated fraud prevention solutions expert with years of experience fighting fraud for companies just like yours, and who is with your team for the life of your contract. Additionally, you’ll have a dedicated team to help with implementation, investigate fraud, and even work with law enforcement if needed. We are here to ensure you can start realizing the value of our fraud prevention solutions from the very beginning.

How will your fraud detection and prevention services impact the experience of my good customers?

Our fraud protection service is completely transparent to your customers. We provide thorough fraud detection and prevention solutions, as well as a friction-right experience for your good customers. It only takes 100ms for us to recognize a user’s device, determine if its evading detection, check to see if it’s associated with past fraud or associated with any devices or accounts linked to fraud, and run all the transaction risk checks that you have specified. This efficient process ensures that you are able to prevent fraud without interrupting the positive experience you want for your good customers.

Does FraudForce rely on the use of personal data?

We subscribe to a privacy-by-design methodology, meaning our fraud prevention technologies use the barest amount of non-directly identifying personal data to detect and stop fraud. On top of this, unlike many solutions in the market, our device recognition technology does not require personal information like email addresses, phone numbers or other customer data. This both protects the privacy of your customers while providing unique fraud catch lift from your identity-based systems.

Is FraudForce compliant with GDPR?

Yes. The General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) allows for the lawful processing of personal data where its purpose is legitimate and not outweighed by the interests, fundamental rights, or freedoms of data subjects. As providers of fraud detection and protection services, we are committed to help in the prevention and detection of fraudulent and malicious behavior.

The GDPR further clarifies that personal data processed “for the purposes of preventing fraud constitutes a legitimate interest of the data controller.” While processing personal data under this basis allows data subjects the right to raise an objection to the processing of their personal data, we hold, based in part upon Recital 47, that we maintain compelling, legitimate grounds to process personal data for this purpose. Further, we have implemented processes to handle data subject requests as part of our GDPR compliance strategy. In short, evidence sharing through the consortium is designed to be compliant with our customers’ approach to GDPR.