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Protect Your Members, Protect Your Brand

Whether you're a social, dating or professional networking site, your greatest asset is your brand. It's how members know to trust you. It keeps an interesting population on your site. It encourages new people to join. But unfortunately, only a few troublemakers can harm it very quickly—potentially causing a mass exodus of good users.

Filter Out Abusers with Device Reputation

To prevent an avalanche of lost users, it's important to expose and shut down troublemakers before they can strike. Whether your disturbance is cyber bullies, spammers or fake profiles, iovation is your best ally.

Our device reputation service instantly assesses risk by tracking anomalies and exposing device histories. New account? We're on top of it. Since our service is based on the device, troublemakers can’t bypass security through account creation (a common trick when you only require an email and name). And because our solution integrates via API, you can automatically block threats before your good name gets damaged.