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Stop Fraudsters from Cashing Out

When you handle deposits, transfers and payouts all at one site, it's no wonder that online criminals go after you like a thievery superstore. They think of you as a safe haven for their malicious schemes. Creating hordes of new accounts and adjusting their patterns to pass below the radar, fraudsters can consistently breach your security.

Undetected fraudsters have an endless menu of options. They can collude in money laundering, bet with stolen credit cards, hijack trusted accounts—or wreak total havoc using all three. ReputationManager 360 shifts the odds in your favor, automatically kicking fraudsters out before they can even make their first bet.

Don't Risk It: Use a Proven Solution

Threats are higher in gambling than anywhere else online, with 5% of all gambling devices associated with fraud. iovation's growing database of more than 2 billion devices has a proven track record of success with hundreds of online businesses worldwide.

Pays Off for You and Your Customers

No one should gamble against rigged odds. While fraudsters create hard losses and chargebacks for your business, they also ruin the experience for your customers. iovation dramatically cuts down on both, increasing your profit and your customers' satisfaction.

Continually Outsmart Fraudsters

iovation covers every stage of protection—from automating login denials to providing investigative tools for uncovering entire fraud rings. Maintaining near-zero false positives, our solution helps prevent:

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