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Keep the Experience Great

Your players just want to sit back and enjoy themselves. But when someone else is cheating or abusing them, they can't—and those negative experiences add up. In MMOs, social and casual games, the greatest threat is losing your player base. Without them, you have no business.

Maintaining an enjoyable game environment will keep your players coming back. That means removing gold farmers, spammers and code hackers—whatever the issue is—all without disrupting the gameplay. iovation's ReputationManager 360 provides the perfect balance for a great gaming experience, blocking out offenders while remaining invisible to your loyal players.

Block Threats Before They Can Do Harm

Our device reputation solution puts you ahead of offenders instead of constantly chasing after them. Even when an abuser creates a new account, ReputationManager 360 can track it back to a known device and prevent login.

Target the Right Risks

Our service only blocks what you choose. Customized business rules help you selectively prevent dangers while allowing loyal and new players to enter freely.

iovation ReputationManager 360 preview