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You're Not Selling
Free Money

Some people think the Internet is for get-rich-quick schemes. They choose online shoplifting over real jobs. Using stolen information to buy items with other people’s money, fraudsters take your products and peddle them for a quick buck. And once they cash out, you’re on the hook for chargeback fees.

What’s worse, the same fraudsters will keep targeting you. Cycling through card after card of stolen numbers, they come back with new information every time. They’ll even use proxies to hide their locations and hit you again and again.

Stop the Cycle: Shut the Revolving Door

You can stop fraudsters and keep them out for good. iovation's risk service goes beyond personally identifiable information (PII) to prevent fraud. By identifying the devices connecting to your site and assessing their reputation, our service instantly gives you the full story about any card-not-present (CNP) transaction.

Speed Up Your Response

Lost time means fraudsters getting away with goods. Our solution immediately categorizes transactions for you, either automatically denying high risk transactions or flagging them for review. You decide how you want to decision on the information; we give you the tools.

Shut Down Entire Fraud Rings

Fraudsters often work in groups, sharing information and stealing from the same source over and over. iovation's investigative tools uncover device-to-device connections, exposing groups working together and repeat offenders to dramatically cut down fraud.

Don't Even Get Fooled the First Time

Our solution knows when a completely new device is dangerous. Flagging suspicious anomalies in geolocation, time zone, browser settings and velocity, iovation prevents risky transactions before they can become evidence.