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Secure Your Network

With the rise of online sales and support in telecom, fraudsters can easily hide behind the digital wall. Adept in covering their tracks, they have many schemes at their fingertips—account takeover, paying with stolen information, even hacking resellers' sites.

How do you defend against so many threats? Your enemy is either anonymous or looks exactly like a legitimate customer. iovation's risk service separates out who you can trust from who you can't, automatically blocking risky activities and flagging others for review.

Align Your Fraud Teams Throughout Your Organization

iovation integrates at multiple touchpoints throughout your site. This keeps your teams keenly aware of fraud trends—whether those are occurring at account setup, login, checkout or other places on your website—getting them on the same page and ready to respond efficiently and effectively to threats.

End the Fraud Cycle

Fraudsters see wireless providers as double targets. Not only do they directly steal from you and your customers, they also use your phones and service to commit additional fraud. With iovation, you can not only leverage device intelligence from other iovation clients, you can identify bad actors, who they are working with, and put a stop to these evolving schemes.