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Web apps and Internet sites have become the new battleground where security teams and customer experience teams face hackers. iovation’s acquisition of LaunchKey brings together two next-generation technologies—interactive multifactor authentication and frictionless device-based authentication—to help the good guys win. Whether they’re working independently or together, both benefit from iovation’s world-class insight into device reputation and risk.


Dynamic Multifactor Authentication

LaunchKey MFA provides an all-in-one, multifactor authentication (MFA) solution that lets security professionals select the right authentication method for every touch point in their customer’s journey. A variety of authentication factors can be deployed, all accessed through either an off-the-shelf or custom-branded mobile authentication application. You can reinforce these factors with geofencing to create location constraints, use them with QR codes to replace or augment passwords, or even force an account logout from the mobile authenticator application.​

  • Slide

    Push a request from your application right to your user’s mobile device, letting them “slide” to authenticate or authorize in real time.

  • Fingerprint

    Leverage the user’s mobile device to authenticate the user’s fingerprint, then combine this with the device’s own digital fingerprint.

  • Bluetooth

    Authorize a user’s login request based on close proximity of a known device, like a FitBit or Apple Watch.

  • Circle Code

    Set up an interactive, intuitive and graphical combination lock – that looks and acts like a physical lock – with custom lock codes.

  • PIN

    Build powerful PIN creation and management features right into your mobile apps, or access them from the authenticator application.

Customer-Engaged Authentication

Your customers hate passwords, but captchas, knowledge-based authentication (KBA), and hackable, cumbersome SMS messages frustrate them even more. LaunchKey MFA offers a world of new possibilities for customer-friendly, customer-managed, customer-engaged authentication. When you use LaunchKey MFA, you can choose which multifactor authentication options to extend to your end users. In a few simple steps, you can create an interactive, customer-focused solution that lets your end users choose the authentication approach that best fits their needs.

  • 1

    Set which factors of authentication will be available to your customers, like swipe authentication, PINs, combo lock and Bluetooth proximity.

  • 2

    Your end-user then decides which authentication factors they prefer to use to authenticate into their application or site.

  • 3

    If needed, you can also require a combination of factors, and allow your customer to choose which ones to combine.

Multi-Party or Group Authorization

After authentication, which answers the question of whether this is the right user or device, comes authorization, which answers the question of whether what’s being requested should be allowed. To gain this high level of assurance, iovation’s multifactor authentication solution offers a unique and patented authorization capability that allows one or more users to remotely approve requests or transactions.

  • Single-party authorization allows end users to approve a request from their LaunchKey MFA app, whether it’s a fund transfer or access to another area of the account.

  • Multi-party authorization requires two or more people to approve a request before the authorization is sent on to the requestor, adding an unprecedented layer of assurance.

  • You can easily set up these authorization steps for one or more parties by configuring your site and using the LaunchKey MFA app to approve requests.

End-to-End Multifactor Authentication

By combining LaunchKey MFA with iovation’s Customer Authentication service, you create a completely SaaS-based, adaptive, risk-aware authentication suite with nearly limitless flexibility and strength. We call this our Dynamic Authentication suite. This is the future of authentication.

The Dynamic Authentication suite provides a response – in a matter of milliseconds – that addresses whether or not a user’s device is known, how much it can be trusted, and what form of step-up authentication you should require if there are risks or ambiguity. If risks are present, step-up capabilities can be selected based on a range of external threats, including known-bad ISPs, TOR browsers or VPNs, or based on device-centered risks like rooting, jailbreaking, emulating or tampering.

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