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Strong security that won't slow down customers

With a constant threat of compromised credentials and brute force hacks, consumer brands need multifactor authentication to secure online accounts. iovation LaunchKey provides stronger security for both the business and the consumer while delivering authentication that your customers actually like to use.

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Key Capabilities:

  • Dynamic security policies
  • Easy-to-use consumer experience
  • True multifactor across all touchpoints
  • Broad choice of MFA methods
  • White label capabilities for mobile and web apps
  • Privacy-friendly, No PII stored
  • Patented group authorization
  • Decentralized and anonymous architecture

LaunchKey Multifactor Authentication Methods

LaunchKey manages all digital and physical authentication and authorization processes right in your mobile app.  From today’s web or mobile app to tomorrow’s omni-channel experiences across call centers, kiosks, ATMs, or IoT devices, our LaunchKey multifactor authentication solution provides the broadest set of multifactor authentication methods and unifies customer experience. New authentication methods can be easily added to the platform as they gain mainstream acceptance (imagine retinal scanning, full facial assessment, and heart rate scans).​

  • Circle Code

    Set up an interactive, intuitive and graphical combination lock – that looks and acts like a physical lock – with custom lock codes.

  • Fingerprint Scan

    Leverage the user’s mobile device to authenticate the user’s fingerprint, then combine this with the device’s own digital fingerprint.

  • Bluetooth Proximity

    Authorize a user’s login request based on close proximity of a known device, like a FitBit or Apple Watch.

  • Geo Fencing

    Use the user's geolocation or time of their login attempt as an authentication factor, either as admin rule or user preference.

  • PIN Code

    Build powerful PIN creation and management features right into your mobile apps, or access them from the authenticator application.

Making Omnichannel Access Easy

Multifactor authentication can work across all devices to prevent fraud in real time, while giving your customers an experience they’ll love.

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Multiuser Authentication

LaunchKey offers a unique and patented multifactor authorization capability that allows multiple users or a quorum of named authorities to remotely approve requests or transactions. From large banking transactions to package signatures, LaunchKey provides authorization that responds to real-time conditions and requests.

  • Purchase Approval

    Push purchase approval requests to a user’s mobile device in real time. Not only does this mean an individual can authorize a valid purchase, it means any attempted fraudulent transaction will be pushed in real time to the legitimate owner, at which point they can deny the request and stop fraud in its tracks.

  • Two-Person Rule

    The Two-Person Rule is often used in the military and government to secure critical or sensitive resources, and now anyone can programmatically enforce that two or more individuals simultaneously authorize and authenticate to obtain access, authorize an action, or other sensitive function.

  • Real-Time Authorization

    While LaunchKey can control two-way sessions (i.e. log in and log out), LaunchKey is also perfect for transactional, or one-way, authorization requests. This is ideal for registering a vote, approving a request, authorizing a transaction, verifying receipt, or granting temporary access to another user.

Fully Customizable Multifactor Authentication (MFA)

iovation LaunchKey brings easy-to-use multifactor authentication methods into your online and mobile customer touchpoints — creating the strong security you need while maintaining a highly engaging experience your customers love.

LaunchKey Balances Security and Ease of Use Across all Consumer Touchpoints

  • One-Time Device

    Adding a smartphone or tablet as an authenticator takes less than a minute!  Lost or stolen devices can be unpaired online, from another paired device, or via an admin.

  • Authentication
    Method Choice

    Customers choose the authentication methods they want from your provided options for true multifactor authentication that’s simple to use and requires no additional hardware.

  • Real-Time Device MFA
    & Authorization

    Your apps push real-time authorization requests to end users for password-free login, two-factor authentication (2FA), single sign-on (SSO), transaction approval, identity verification, and more.

  • Mobile SDK

    LaunchKey native mobile SDKs support the most aggressive development plans you have for your Apple or Android-based platforms. You can add LaunchKey features to your existing apps, without worrying about design or usability inconsistencies.

  • Web

    Want to build LaunchKey authentication and authorization functionality into your web apps? We support a complete range of Web and Desktop SDKs, including PHP, Ruby, Python and more. The JavaScript OAuth SDK provides a quick and simple way to add LaunchKey authentication to your JavaScript application based on the popular OAuth 2.0 protocol.

  • White-Label Solutions

    Or maybe you need a white-label solution built from scratch, to make LaunchKey features run “modally” on top of your own app? The drop-in SDK embeds a customizable LaunchKey modal interface that lives within your Mobile App and gives your users the ability to authenticate and respond to the Launch Requests from your Application.

LaunchKey sets new standards for customization in an authentication service. Not just for your authentication administrators, but for end users as well.

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