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Dynamic Collaboration in the Fight Against Fraud

Collaboration as both a defence and a weapon against fraud is a proven concept. But there’s talking about it – and then there’s doing it. The first is easy. The second is essential.

Cifas’ flagship industry event is the essential conference for professionals responsible for, devising or implementing fraud and financial crime strategies in their organisation. On 18 June 2019, Cifas’ Annual Conference brings together expert speakers who will share insight and intelligence to build and fortify the shared shield against fraud and financial crime.

Weaving a path through global strategies and national defences; clinical data insights and sector tactics, to the true-life experience of the individual - this is a fraud conference unlike any other.

iovation is proud to be a sponsor at this years CIFAS Annual Conference, the message of collaborating to fight fraud is one that both organisations share and offer their users.

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