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MRC European Spring Conference 2019

Reduce Friction for Customers, Close the Door on Fraudsters
Protecting your retail customers from fraud -- without affecting their online shopping experience -- is a constant and growing challenge. iovation makes it possible through easy-to-use yet sophisticated fraud prevention solutions that reduce e-commerce fraud losses while removing inconvenience for your customers. Using device-based authentication, multifactor authentication and machine learning, iovation enables you to speed your good customers right to shopping.

Join us for the Keynote
iovation will be introducing the keynote speaker and giving the audience our insights into what lies ahead in the fraud and authentication world.

Meet With Us
Schedule a meeting with one of our resident fraud and authentication experts who will be on hand to discuss your fraud prevention strategies. 

Visit us in Booth 20
Experience what's new with our e-commerce fraud prevention and authentication solutions!

FraudForce - Fraud and abuse protection
SureScore - Predictive insight with machine learning
ClearKey - Secure, frictionless user authentication
LaunchKey - Multifactor, omnichannel authentication


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