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Despite the Perils of Passwords, Adults in All Age Groups Remain Wedded to Them

Pundits have predicted the demise of the password for years, yet the simple user-name-and-password combination lives on, frustrating security pros and helping to fuel a spiraling epidemic of data breaches. The reason for the password’s longevity lies in its familiarity compared to newer, more effective authentication methods, says a report released this week that looks at how the payments industry could finally get consumers to adopt at least some of these alternative technologies.

Continuous authentication: Why it’s getting attention and what you need to know

User authentication is one of the basic components of any cyber security program. But in some cases, traditional authentication processes are not enough to provide strong security throughout a user work session. That’s where continuous authentication comes in. Check out this informative article in which iovation is noted as one of a handful of vendors capable of providing this advanced functionality.

iovation boosts adaptive authentication capabilities for Entrust Datacard

iovation, a provider of device-based authentication and fraud prevention solutions, has teamed up with Entrust Datacard to enhance the company’s advanced adaptive authentication capabilities. The partnership combines Entrust Datacard’s, a provider of trusted identity and secure transaction technologies, adaptive authentication solution with iovation’s device- and risk-based authentication services which tap into a knowledge base of more than 3.5 billion devices.

Why U.S. Merchants are Still Fighting Post-EMV Online Fraud

You’d think financial institutions and retailers in the U.S., with a long list of EMV migration examples to look to in other countries, would have been prepared for fraudsters shifting their attention to e-commerce after security improved at the point of sale. But according to late 2016 data from fraud prevention company iovation and research firm Aite Group, there’s been a 35% increase in online credit card fraud since the EMV shift in the third quarter of 2015.

Web Fraud Prevention and Online Authentication Market Guide 2016/2017

The fraud prevention and online authentication space is a highly evolving and dynamic one, with constant new players on the market competing for the upper hand in this dynamic ecosystem. This is why a resource of up-to-date information on the latest developments is vital. The mandate of this Guide is to provide a comprehensive overview of the main industry topics, like machine-learning, PSD2 – Strong Customer Authentication, open banking, digital identity and API security.

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