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Happy Valentines Day! Here Is A Bouquet Of Online Dating Romance Scams. XOXO

Scott Waddell, iovation's CTO writes about the rise of romance fraud based on analysis of transactions from iovation's online dating customers. He writes: "2017 witnessed a two to three times increase in ‘identity mining/phishing attempts’, ‘spam’ and ‘scammers/solicitation’ fraud reports over 2016. But what really jumps out is that last category: “Profile Misrepresentation” which skyrocketed from 21,500 reports in 2016 to 1,650,000 confirmed reports in 2017, representing a total increase of more than 7,500%."

Key online casino trends identified for 2018 after analysts review 450 million gambling transactions

Analysts have described 2018 as a year of dramatic change for online casinos, and that could have impacts on players directly. And the key trends for the year appear to be a growing use of mobile, as well as a growing lack of tolerance among players for a cumbersome and long-winded logging in and sign up processes. In the report analysts iovation studied 450 million transactions across 100 online gambling operators to draw conclusions.

2018 Gambling Industry Report released by iovation

2018 Gambling Industry Report has been released by iovation, focusing on improving user experience while keeping the next generation of sophisticated fraud rings at bay. The report identifies and explores three key trends driving the iGaming market such as prioritizing the player experience; while limiting fraud and abuse remains a priority for operators and platform providers, they must not do so at the expense of their players’ experience. Technologies like predictive analytics powered by device intelligence and machine learning are helping to proactively identify potential threats at log-in but can also help identify trusted players who could become tomorrow’s VIP players.

Stop Falling For Dating Scams This Valentine’s Day

No surprise then that fraud prevention vendor iovation found that online dating transactions, including everything from account profile creation and login to the exchange of information, have a higher chance of being fraudulent when compared to transactions in other industries. Fraudulent profiles are a growing problem for online dating sites in particular as fraudsters use them to either perpetrate romance scams or harvest personal details from targets to either take over their accounts or steal their identity.

Review: “Multi Factor Authentication for Dummies”

InfoSecurity Magazine editor Chris Payne reviews "Multi-Factor Authentication for Dummies" co-authored by iovation's Director of Product Marketing, Michael Thelander. Writes Chris "I have been working with authentication solutions of more than ten years and have both led numerous projects multi-authentication projects and written materials such as this for various authentication vendors. The authors of the book have made sure to keep the content of the book highly consumable, even for the most novice of reader, using relatable and easy to understand examples of the concepts in practice."

Retail Fraud Online Actually Went Down For Black Friday

Here’s a nice change of pace going into the weekend: It looks like online fraud did something unsual for Black Friday this year.It went down.For the first time in several years, credit card fraud (the most common fraud form factor for retailers online) fell to 42 percent of total fraud during the holiday shopping weekend. Last year, the same weekend saw credit card fraud at 59 percent of all fraud, according to data from authentication and fraud prevention provider iovation.

Online retail card fraud drops during Black Friday weekend

Online retailers — and consumers — have something new to be thankful for this holiday season: a decrease in online fraud. For the first time in recent years, credit card fraud — which remains the highest fraud type for online retailers — has dropped to 42% of total fraud during the holiday weekend (Nov. 24 – 27, 2017). This level was 59% of total fraud for the same period in 2016, according to data from device intelligence for authentication and fraud prevention provider Iovation. Overall, this decrease demonstrates that online retailers are making strides in their ability to identify and prevent card-not-present (CNP) fraud which has been on the rise since brick-and-mortar retailers have increased their adoption of EMV card technologies, the study reported.

iovation’s Eddie Glenn: Using device intelligence to identify self-excluded players in real-time

Eddie Glenn is the Product Marketing Manager for iovation, a provider of online fraud prevention and authentication solutions, and the company behind ‘Identifying Self-Excluded Players in Real Time’, a new webinar for the gambling industry (Tuesday, December 5th). He spoke to about iovation playing its part in safeguarding the sports betting industry, going the extra mile to recognise self-excluded players, and placing a greater emphasis on device intelligence to prevent the onboarding of problem gamblers.

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