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Iovation Survey Finds Digital Nomads And False Declines Don’t Mix

“False declines have a material impact on an issuer’s business. While lost transaction revenue is painful, damage to the issuer’s relationship with their customer is of far greater concern,” said Michael Thelander, director of authentication products for iovation. “Banking and financial institutions need to balance security levels with user experiences. Consumers are open to a range of authentication methods as long as they are easy-to-use. Dynamic multifactor authentication does just this by balancing security and user experience by adding flexibility to authentication.”

Executive spotlight: iovation’s new Vice President of Product

Last week iovation announced that Dwayne Melancon was leaving Tripwire after 17 years and joining the company as the new Vice President of Product, so we decided to get in touch and see what are his future plans.“My experience at Tripwire ran the gamut – I served in a range of roles, from CTO to product management to head of R&D – but my ultimate goal was to create products that offered both a streamlined user experience and market-leading security protection,” he told us.

Cardless ATMs require layers of sophisticated authentication

As applications like Uber and Venmo are eliminating the need to physically carry cash or a credit card, our smartphones are quickly becoming the go to replacement for our wallets. To meet consumers where they are (on their phones), financial institutions like Chase and Wells Fargo will widely introduce card-free ATM options later this year in the hopes of delivering a more convenient consumer banking experience. But as with any new technology, mobile ATM access raises a new set of security challenges.

How Much Does It Cost to Shift Customer Behavior?

But a recent survey by Aite Group and ivation suggests this strategy may not work across other areas of banking — the survey looks at authentication methods and customers’ willingness to try new ones — or at least, it won’t work for everyone. “Customers can be bought,” according to the survey, but it must be the right offer at the right time to the right customer. 51% of participants in the survey of about 1,000 bank customers would be willing to try new authentication methods with no incentives at all. 25% would not be swayed by any incentive the bank was willing to offer. 15% were swayed by an offer of $10, and a further 9% held out for $25.

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