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Your New CSO Might Be a Learning Computer That Loves Cats

Pointing Big Data analytics at your network and its users is a rapidly evolving technology synthesis that lets IT respond to threats faster, making your data safer from virus-infected cat photos and other internet dangers. IT security is a dangerous and expensive hellhole. Vast amounts of money are spent protecting company data and networks. Hordes of bad guys are motivated to break in, and the consequences for failure are more painful than the cost of protection.

Why I Love My European Chip Cards And Why Americans Should Embrace Them

The iovation and Aite Group study found that an average 20% of U.S. credit card and 10% of debit card transactions are chip. Meanwhile, various flavors of fraud – account takeover, card-not-present and application fraud – are skyrocketing, propelled by data breaches. In 2015, the report says, criminals accessed more than 477 million records with online credentials, personally identifiable information and stolen card data.

What Home Depot’s Chip-and-Pin Lawsuit Means to You

The news last week that Home Depot is suing MasterCard and Visa for allegedly forcing consumers to use unsecure credit cards raises the question: Wasn’t the whole point of the new chip-embedded cards to make payments safer? Given the delays the chip scanners are causing at checkout counters, you’d certainly hope so. Michael Thelander, a product manager at the security firm iovation said, “Switching the world's largest, most distributed, and most fragmented credit card market to a chip-and-PIN plan would have been horrifically complex and expensive,” he wrote.

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