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Same, Same but Different: How to Ensure Your Fraud and Infosec Teams Are Speaking One Language

While often the result of legacy company structures, keeping fraud and infosec teams separate isn't just an internal problem. With the IT department responsible for information and data in one camp, and the risk and compliance executives dealing with fraud in another, communication breaks down and so, too, does the possibility of an integrated and strategic approach to strengthening security and fraud prevention. But today's threats and risks have grown too complex for these disciplines to work separately any longer.

Travel scam or ‘the way things work’?

USA TODAY's Chris Elliott writes about the prevalence of travel fraud and includes guidance from iovation as to what consumers can do to protect themselves from travel scammers: "Airline ticket fraud and fake travel vouchers saw the biggest uptick in the last year, says Dwayne Melancon, a vice president at iovation, a provider of fraud prevention services. The workarounds for those are relatively simple: a healthy dose of skepticism (no, your friend isn't in London and he doesn't need you to wire him $1,000) and enabling two-factor authentication on your email."