iovation clients share how they stop fraud while still providing frictionless authentication for good customers

iovation, the provider of device intelligence for authentication and fraud prevention, today announced that representatives from Dell Software, Groupon, Western Union and former White House CIO Theresa Payton will be main stage presenters at iovation’s Fraud Force Summit. The primary emphasis of headliners at iovation’s 5th annual user conference will be ways businesses can provide their customers with seamless and positive authentication experiences, while protecting businesses from fraud.

“Consumers are saddled with too many accounts on too many systems with too many passwords. How does one keep up? How does a consumer protect themselves against the never ending threat landscape out there? Fortunately, technology is changing fast and the password is on its way out,” said Fraud Force speaker and Dell Software Senior Director of Product Management, Jackson Shaw. “New solutions are already hitting the market that help to make security and authentication both easier and less obtrusive. I’m delighted to have the opportunity to discuss this topic at Fraud Force.”

Fraud Force provides an in-person closed-door opportunity to exchange intelligence about the latest global cyberthreats and evasion techniques, and solutions to uncover and fight them. Attendees at the summit include Fortune 500 executives, and world-renowned anti-fraud and cybersecurity professionals in the finance, insurance, retail, social media, travel, ticketing, telecommunications and gaming industries. The Fraud Force Summit runs September 19-21 in Portland, Oregon.

Fraud Force main sessions and corresponding speakers include:

  • “Code Red: Protecting Your Enterprise and Securing Your Brand Online” by former White House CIO, Theresa Payton
  • “Striking the Right Balance Between Usability and Security for Consumers” by Dell Software Senior Director of Product Management, Jackson Shaw
  • “Staying Ahead in the Mobile World with Data Analytics and Machine Learning” by Groupon Global Program Manager, Brigette Korney and Software Engineer, David Marshall
  • “Uncovering a Fraud Ring: Patterns, Anomalies & Red Flags” by Sprint Fraud Specialist II, Toby Ceselski
  • “Managing and Maximizing Multiple Tools in Your Toolkit” by Western Union Product Manager of Fraud Strategy, Stephanie Gorostiza
  • “Fireside Chat: How to Leverage Big Data, Machine Learning & Behavioral Analytics” by Western Union Leader of Product Strategy, Fraud and Risk, Bernard McManus

Outside of the main sessions, iovation experts will host breakout sessions to delve into the latest technology innovations and programs rolled out for iovation clients. These educational topics include improving the customer experience with device-based authentication, staying secure in the mobile era and more. Additional breakout sessions will be presented by nTrust, RingCentral, bridge21, the AA, and also by Fraud Force sponsors including Equifax, Next Caller, Nexmo, Paladin Group and WhitePages Pro.

“While businesses can certainly ‘plug and play’ iovation’s solutions for significant ROI, there’s additional value to be gained by listening to the best practices of other subscribers, including how to leverage iovation to maximize the value of other business systems, ” said iovation CEO and Founder, Greg Pierson. “We look forward to learning as well. Input from the foremost fraud fighters from around the world helps us continually improve our services.”

Besides the sessions being held at the Portland Armory, Fraud Force also has networking events in and around the city. These include an afternoon on one of Oregon’s most prominent landmarks of Timberline Lodge on Mount Hood, a waterfront run along Portland’s Willamette river and much more.

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