Two sessions will concentrate on utilizing multifactor authentication to balance security with the customer experience

iovation, the provider of device intelligence for authentication and fraud prevention, today announced it has been chosen to speak about the next wave of authentication at Opus Research’s Intelligent Authentication Conference. Now in its ninth year, the event is the premier global authentication conference. Besides iovation, speakers from companies like IBM, MasterCard and USAA will share their authentication stories on stage at the conference.

In two separate sessions on Sept. 13, 2016, iovation’s Michael Thelander will discuss using multifactor authentication to balance security with the online customer experience. “Trends in Mobile Authentication” will be held at 10:45am PDT and “Layered Authentication: Next Generation MFA for a Customer Centered World” at 2:45pm PDT.

“Passwords and traditional two-factor authentication like captchas and knowledge-based questions increase customer friction and can even result in lost business,” said Thelander. “To counter this erosion to the online experience, using consumer devices for multifactor authentication can help better identify fraudsters while operating invisibly for valued consumers. In fact, many of our customers believe this type of multifactor authentication is the technology that will eventually make passwords obsolete.”

More Details About the Sessions

Trends in Mobile Authentication
Intelligent authentication is designed to support digital commerce, primarily through smartphones. What are the trends for mobile authentication to displace hardware, smartcards, passwords? How is mobile authentication meeting the needs for enterprises and financial services in building services around security, location and device-fingerprinting?

Layered Authentication: Next-generation MFA for a Customer-Centered World
The goals of outstanding customer experience are defining and, in some cases re-defining a layered approach to authentication. Michael Thelander will discuss how risk-awareness and context enable real-time, multifactor options for authentication can enable layered authentication decisions maintaining the balance between security and usability in an increasingly connected world.

The Intelligent Authentication Conference runs September 12-13 at the Palace Hotel in San Francisco. For more information about iovation’s sessions, go here: is a leader in:

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