European clients discuss the latest online and mobile fraud and account takeover threats, and strategies to combat them

iovation, the provider of device intelligence for authentication and fraud prevention, today announced it is hosting its 3rd Annual European User Summit from April 11-12, 2016 in Dublin, Ireland. The summit will provide a way for iovation’s European clients—which make up 30 percent of all of its customers—to discuss the latest fraud and abuse threats, and how to stop them while enhancing the online customer experience. Industry leaders like Chris Monk, fraud manager at The Automobile Association, will share their insights in various sessions with a keynote delivered by Tony Sales, retail fraud expert at Retail Fraud Uncovered.

“Fraud schemes are ever-evolving. This makes constant collaboration key and is the reason we host a number of client summits like these throughout the year,” said Molly O’Hearn, vice president of operations and co-founder at iovation. “While it’s crucial to stop fraud, it’s also necessary to streamline the customer experience to accelerate revenue, and we want to highlight that opportunity specifically.”

The European User Summit is available to iovation clients who have shared intelligence about tens of millions of fraud and abuse events across iovation’s network. Attendees will be given the chance to network and collaborate about the latest threats, while learning about the following in sessions and workshops:

  • Various ways to use device identification to secure online transactions and improve the customer journey
  • How iovation’s insurance clients have combined forces to keep their businesses safe from policy manipulation, ghost brokers and other schemes
  • Optimizing the blend of iovation’s fraud prevention and customer authentication services to protect businesses and eliminate unnecessary customer friction
  • How fraud and security teams are learning to successfully work better together
  • Mobile fraud protection for web, native and hybrid apps

“The iovation European User Summit allows industry fraud professionals, from different unique industries, to come together and share best and better practices with each other,” said Stuart Sykes, group head of customer operations and debt recovery at financial services company MYJAR and speaker at the summit. “These are strategies not to be left on the shelf, but to be implemented in the real world to help reduce the cost of fraud. This event is invaluable for a deep understanding into online fraud.”

At the summit, iovation will go into more depth about its existing services and showcase its product roadmap, which includes its award-winning customer authentication service. The recently enhanced service reduces friction while enhancing site security by allowing consumers with “known good devices” instant passwordless access to low-risk sections of consumer accounts—like account balances, shopping records and activity histories. If needed, it triggers step-up authentication like one-time passwords for higher risk actions like account changes, money transfers or purchases.

iovation is a leader in fraud prevention solutions and regulatory compliance such as EU GDPR and PSD2.

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TransUnion Global Fraud & Identity Solutions unite both consumer and device identities to detect threats across markets while ensuring friction-right user experiences. The solutions, all part of the IDVision with iovation suite, fuse traditional data science with machine learning to provide businesses unique insights about consumer transactions, safeguarding tens of millions of transactions each day.

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