SureScore predicts if an online transaction will be good or bad using adaptive analytics trained from more than 23 billion online transactions

iovation, the leading provider of device-based solutions for authentication and fraud prevention, today announced the launch of SureScore. The unprecedented scale of SureScore’s global device network along with its highly advanced use of adaptive algorithms make this the industry’s most robust machine learning fraud detection solution. It provides businesses with the power to predict the trustworthiness or riskiness of an online transaction even if they have never seen the customer or device before.

SureScore helps businesses grow revenue by identifying good or trustworthy customers. In addition, it reduces friction for existing trustworthy customers by eliminating time consuming and frustrating step-up challenges. SureScore also helps reduce fraud prevention costs by minimizing resource-intensive manual reviews and eliminating the need for expensive verification tools for trusted transactions.

“Battling with fraudsters is like a game of chess. Once you think you have them figured out, they utilize a whole new approach," said iovation’s Vice President of Product, Scott Olson. “It is essential that you have a machine learning weapon in your arsenal that continually and automatically adapts to changing conditions seen across companies and industries worldwide. Besides stopping fraud, that solution should provide an easy way to differentiate good from bad customers in order to offer the valued ones special incentives.”

“The launch of SureScore contains 12 years of fraud behavior insight we have assimilated from 23 billion online transactions worldwide,” said iovation’s CTO Scott Waddell. “While machine learning is the real-time engine that powers SureScore, the big data insights from our collective history of transactions are the fuel that makes it so powerful right off the starting line.”

SureScore’s sophisticated analytics examine hundreds of behavioral, contextual, device and transactional attributes from billions of transactions worldwide. Its algorithms are trained by analyzing 30 million fraud records placed by iovation’s network of over 3,500 fraud and security analysts. Some examples of what SureScore analyzes include:

  • Behavioral—How many transactions have occurred for a particular account in a certain period of time? Is there past evidence of fraud associated with the account or device and if so, how much and how recent? How can we leverage these behavioral analytics to prevent fraud?
  • Contextual—Do all of the transaction location indicators (such as geolocation, ISP, cell tower, browser language, country, etc.) align with each other or do some indicate heightened risk?
  • Device—Does the device exhibit evasive behavior or have other risk indicators, such as having been rooted or jailbroken?
  • Transactional—Are there risk indicators within the transaction itself like significant time zone differences between the business and end user?

SureScore is available to select existing iovation customers today and will be more broadly available this November. More details about SureScore are at and iovation will be presenting the new service at its annual Fraud Force Summit being held Sept. 19-21 in Portland, Ore.

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