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iovation, the provider of device intelligence for trusted authentication and fraud prevention, today announced that it will be presenting at digital magazine Built Oregon’s conference in a November 5 panel discussion entitled, “Cyber Security Literacy for Entrepreneurs: What You Need to Know.” Shawn Sands, iovation’s vice president of sales, will speak alongside Special Agent Jacob Hartley with the FBI, Matt Mosley, lead for NIKE’s Penetration Testing team, and Mahmood Sher-Jan, executive vice president and general manager at ID Experts. Ken Westin, senior security analyst at Tripwire Inc., will moderate the panel.

“It’s estimated that cybercrime costs the global economy about $445 billion annually, and since SMBs tend to have fewer security resources they’re attractive targets,” said Sands. “While security is paramount, providing a frictionless experience for good customers is just as important, especially for startups where losing business could be the difference between success or failure.”

In the panel discussion, Sands will utilize intelligence gathered from iovation's device recognition, association and reputation technology to inform startups about ways to mitigate risk while sustaining the online experience for trusted customers. While iovation’s services are used to protect millions of transactions every day, they are also leveraged to optimize the online customer experience by providing frictionless authentication. Specifically, panelists will talk about:

  • Securing payments and preventing fraud
  • Data collection as a resource and liability
  • Challenges securing remote workers and IT systems built and used without company approval or knowledge
  • Understanding an organization’s vulnerabilities both in the office and in the cloud
  • How to handle a data breach

The panel discussion will take place at Portland, Oregon’s Union Bank on November 5 at 5:30pm PST. 

About iovation

iovation, a TransUnion company, was founded with a simple guiding mission: to make the Internet a safer place for people to conduct business. Since 2004, the company has been delivering against that goal, helping brands protect and engage their customers, and keeping them secure in the complex digital world. Armed with the world’s largest and most precise database of reputation insights and cryptographically secure multi-factor authentication methods, iovation safeguards tens of millions of digital transactions each day.

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