“AuthentiThings: The Pitfalls and Promises of Authentication in IoT” Webinar on June 28

iovation, the provider of device intelligence for authentication and fraud prevention, today announced an upcoming webinar outlining the current state of authentication in consumer-facing internet of things (IoT) technologies. Michael Thelander of iovation will discuss how to enhance convenience and security with connected devices in “AuthentiThings: The Pitfalls and Promises of Authentication in IoT.” The webinar will take place at two separate times on Tuesday, June 28 at 7am PDT and 10am PDT.

“IoT devices are quickly transforming the digital experience, and in the near future they will enable seamless connectivity and control over nearly everything,” said Thelander. “While achieving convenience is the primary goal, security will be a key factor in these devices’ success. Especially as IoT technologies tend to have less robust security than more mature products like laptops or smartphones. This makes it necessary for manufacturers to implement strong authentication to accurately determine that someone is who they claim to be.”

Recent research projects there will be 34 billion connected devices worldwide by 2020, creating a $6 trillion industry. This means consumers will achieve non-stop connectivity across all types of everyday technologies—such as cars, refrigerators, smart meters or wearables. The challenge facing IT, security and fraud prevention teams is enabling the convenience of these devices while maintaining security. This is critical because IoT devices like fitness trackers record increasingly sensitive health data and in-home technologies like smart thermostats provide insight into whether or not a person is at home.

In the webinar, Thelander will specifically address:

  • The increasing importance of a consumer’s primary mobile device as a gateway to an IoT ecosystem
  • Why there is a need for consistent and scalable authentication standards and frameworks
  • The importance of maintaining privacy and relevance of passwords with IoT products
  • How connected devices can serve as a proxy for a consumer’s identity
  • Examples of leading-edge hacks associated with IoT devices

For more information, and to register for the webinar, go to http://bit.ly/268nT9P.

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