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Choose the Deployment that's Right for You

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Choose the Implementation that’s Right for You

ReputationManager 360 can be flexibly integrated into your workflow. The real-time APIs provide instant responses based on your business rules. Responses can be brief or detailed, delivering as much data as you can absorb. New clients work with a dedicated implementation team consisting of both business and engineering resources to help determine the implementation right for you.

Respond to Real-Time Threats Faster with the Web Service Implementation

When dealing with online criminals, the speed of detecting and blocking risky activities can make all the difference. With our most comprehensive deployment option, we return detailed response in real-time which includes an Allow, Deny or Review recommendation, risk score, and transaction details such as device type, settings, browser information and more.

Most of our clients deploy ReputationManager 360 in this way, referring to the web service implementation as the SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) API. Offering the speed of automation, this implementation stops fraudulent activity in real time and reduces review queues—allowing your fraud analysts to focus on the highest priority cases needing further research.

Fast Deployment with Gateway

If your focus is getting started as soon as possible without being dependent on heavy IT resources, our Gateway interface is the perfect choice and can be deployed within days. It provides the same rules engine as other options, but relies on reports and alerts instead of API responses that require data storage and logic to manage responses within your system.

In cases where engineering resources are limited or already scheduled months out, the shorter development cycle offered by Gateway helps get you up and running quickly and allows migration to real-time solutions when it meets your schedule. Business rule configurations carry over without change, allowing you to leverage your previous investment.

Using Device Reputation within a Third-Party Fraud Platform

If you are already working with a fraud platform provider, iovation’s device reputation service can be used within your case management system or a fully-managed platform. It is your choice whether to work with iovation directly or utilize the device reputation benefits within the third-party service. We are integrated out of the box with the most popular fraud platforms.