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Find Out Where Users Are Really Coming From

Geolocation & Real IP screenshot

Pinpoint the Real Location of Your Transactions

Identifying a user’s physical location is a key element to recognizing potential fraud. Location details help flag suspicious or risky transactions, especially when they are using a proxy to hide their location.  

That’s why iovation offers Real IP as part of ReputationManager 360. Real IP exposes actual location, bypassing proxy IPs and going directly to the source to determine each device’s true IP and geolocation. With this information, you can:

  • Link seemingly unrelated accounts and behavior to a common source IP address
  • Block access from unsupported or high-risk areas of the world
  • See the true region, country, state, city of the device
  • Identify legitimate users who are using proxy IPs to protect their privacy

Real-time Detective

Real IP verification happens in parallel with other iovation services so your business rules can evaluate and compare both the browser IP and the Real IP in real time. Using established parameters, your site can immediately block or flag unwelcome users and suspicious activity.

Provides Actionable Data

Log in to the iovation Admin Console anytime to see the IP and geolocation data the user wants you to see, as well as the Real IP and geolocation information. Search for transactions or accounts and devices sharing problematic IP and ISP data.

Easy to Configure

Use Real IP business rules within ReputationManager 360 to flag transactions when Real IP and browser IP do not match, or when IP and geolocation provide a match to your existing watch list.  You set the parameters that reflect your company’s risk strategies.