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Get Enhanced Mobile Fraud Protection

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Protecting Your Mobile Channel

Protect your business from emerging risks and threats from any type of device, including the explosive growth of smartphones and tablets.

Fraudsters find weaknesses and know mobile gateways may be monitored less robustly than other channels. They see opportunities in low protection entry points, frequently targeting mobile websites using their with smartphones, tablets and netbooks.

From 2011 to 2012, iovation saw a 260% increase in mobile activity across our subscribers’ sites, and a 400% increase in reports of fraud through mobile devices. With such rapid adoption mobile channel is a key focus area for growth and risk.

Any Device, Any Entry Point

iovation’s ReputationManager 360 service provides in-depth protection against transaction risks originating from mobile devices. Our unique ability to link transactions originating from a users phone, tablet and PC gives you the “whole picture” of device associations and risks.

iovation tracks every kind of Internet-enabled device connecting to your website, including popular devices such as iPhones, Android, iPads, Blackberries, PlayStations, Nintendos and more.

Manage Browser and Application Risk

iovation offers protection for traffic originating through a browser or an application.  Our SDKs (software development kit) for iOS and Android allow strong device identification for applications. We have been protecting mobile browser transactions since 2004 and have clients who use our mobile SDKs today for enhanced mobile fraud protection.