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Take Action Against Risks in Miliseconds

Real-Time Response screenshot

Fraud Responses in a Fraction of a Second

The speed of business is constantly accelerating. We’ll help you keep up as both legitimate customers and fraudsters ramp up their online presence.

iovation makes it easy to stay ahead. Every ten seconds, we perform thousands of device reputation checks for businesses around the world. To keep up the pace, we continually develop new technologies and enhance our platforms’ capacity to meet client demands. This includes the following innovations:

Active-Active Data Centers

By processing data in real time and in an active-active state (rather than active-standby), not only are single-points of failure avoided, but even the delay from failover to a secondary facility is minimized. iovation’s geographically distributed servers ensure that you have maximum uptime. Data is replicated between data centers such that each facility can answer your queries with up-to-date information about devices associated with fraud or abuse across iovation’s shared device intelligence network.

IP Anycast Architecture

In online business, every millisecond counts. Anycast technology maps server requests to the closest, most efficient node in our global network—dramatically reducing device print load times, delivering more device information with minimal global Internet latency.

Anomaly Filtering

While customers are accessing your business, iovation checks for immediate risk factors at each end-user touchpoint you choose. Device anomalies such as mismatches between IP address, geolocation and time zones may be indicators of risk. iovation provides you an instant risk assessment even with brand-new (or first-seen) devices.