Businesses are facing challenges with the new Payment Service Directive 2 (PSD2). In today’s ever-changing online ecosystem, not only are businesses required to implement verification and authentication processes, but they must come to terms with the impact that newly Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements might have on the customer experience and engagement levels.

As experts in risk mitigation, 4Stop and TransUnion share an array of strategies in this eBook, including how to solve the challenges associated with implementing PSD2, ensure there is minimal impact to your business, easily prioritize compliance.

At a glance:

  • Section 1: Landscape. Current trends and overall impact of PSD2, why it is important, and what to expect.
  • Section 2: Harnessing the benefits. What changes have been made to PSD2, and how will they benefit businesses?
  • Section 2: Implementation. How can businesses minimize friction within the customer journey while adhering to PSD2 and SCA regulations?