• Provide a safe, secure authentication experience.

    We let you establish and build trusted connections with good customers, while safeguarding every point of entry to your site, app, kiosk or call centre from fraudsters who’ll use any method of authentication to fake their way in.

  • We build GDPR compliance into every solution.

    We have long championed a “privacy by design” philosophy, and our products and solutions use a bare minimum of non-directly identifying personal data. Our solutions and products are compliant with the highest international privacy standards.

  • Protect your customers’ identities by reducing the risk of data theft.

    Breached and stolen credentials threaten customer data security as well as your compliance with GDPR. Older authentication systems use large centralized credential storage that’s a very attractive and lucrative target. We separate the authentication process from the application, reducing your liability and keeping encrypted credentials and risk dispersed on each end user's device. Remove the target and hackers have no way of stealing and reusing identity information.

  • Delight customers while fighting fraud.

    Adhering to the core principles of the GDPR and preventing fraud can go hand-in-hand. Minimizing the amount of personal data collected, pseudonymizing that data, and embracing privacy by design principles will not only ensure that your customers’ right to data privacy is upheld, but also help mitigate your risks under the GDPR.

GDPR compliance through device recognition, not personal identities.

Our solutions stop fraud, without requiring directly identifying personal data.