• Improve your customer’s purchasing experience.

    To be competitive in the new PSD2 landscape, payment processors and merchants need to closely collaborate to maximize SCA exemptions. Achieve the lowest reference fraud rates, and you’ll be able to exempt online transactions below €500. If you can’t, you’ll be restricted to a €30 limit for frictionless transactions. We’ll help you cut your fraud rates so that you maximize your exemptions and satisfy SCA requirements.

  • Compliance while easing the purchase process.

    The quality of your customer experience during path to purchase doesn’t have to suffer under increased SCA requirements of PSD2. Easily integrate our transparent, device-based authentication into your existing system. Leveraging the power of 2FA or higher, you’ll be able to authenticate your customers instantly and invisibly by recognizing their device and analyzing its reputation. Then add a visible layer of authentication and authorization for your biggest SCA risks, such as large purchases.

  • Trusted customers enjoy an easy, glitch-free and safe journey.

    Businesses reaching the highest fraud exemption levels will gain market differentiation in the new era of PSD2. Rise above the competition with our easily-integrated, powerful and customizable authentication options, while keeping the brand look and feel your customers love.

  • Strong security that won’t slow down customers.

    Reduce or eliminate outdated, high friction authentication technologies. Instead, provide a single, consistent authentication methodology for all customer interactions from login to the call center.

Proof of performance.

Our solutions work hard to make you more competitive and customer-friendly

We have absolutely benefited from implementing iovation’s fraud prevention tools and saw the return on our investment immediately. It helps keep us a step ahead of the game.

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