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You may have heard that storing device data for more than a few months has no value because fraudsters frequently switch devices. Our data shows otherwise. Over a typical 30-day period, iovation saw 2M transactions from devices with a history of fraud that were first seen on our network 3+ years earlier. That number is even more sobering for devices first seen 1-2 years earlier: 16M transactions. Fortunately, iovation’s unique device history capability provides our customers with the knowledge of whether a device has a history of fraud.

In this report, you’ll learn:

  • That once caught, fraudsters don’t dispose of the device used to commit fraud, they simply stop using it for a period of time before trying it again
  • How device reputation can enable you to make smarter and safer decisions about which transactions to allow, which to scrutinize, and which to deny
  • Why accurate device recognition, without the need of directly identifying PII, is required for providing a device reputation capability