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There was a day when all you needed to access your bank account was a teller that you knew by name or a driver’s license. But “omnichannel” is the word of the decade, and it doesn’t just apply to banking. Your customers want to reach you through your web pages, your mobile apps, and your partner pages. They want the same experience whether they’re reaching you through kiosks, ATMs, live tellers, digital chat rooms or call centers. Until now, every one of these channels has required a different type of authentication.

LaunchKey allows all authentication processes - whether digital or physical - to run through your company’s mobile applications. That matters, because the amount of time consumers spent using mobile apps eclipsed the time they spent on web pages starting in 2011, and has been skyrocketing ever since. So, why not authenticate your customers where they spend the majority of their time, while using a unified, consistent authentication experience for every interaction in every channel?

Download this solution brief to learn how LaunchKey can help end confusion, increase security, and improve experience.