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Exposing Fraud Rings and Collusion in Online Gambling

When you can deposit, transfer and win cash all within one site, it's no wonder criminals target online casinos like they are thievery superstores. Whether looking to max out stolen credit cards, hijack and rob good customer accounts, or move ill-gotten funds, the bad guys you face are smart, fast and organized. Fortunately, so is the side of justice in the form of iovation.

ReputationManager 360 has kept the world's leading online casinos open for business while staying closed to fraudsters. Unlike most anti-fraud measures, which look at the user connecting to your site, we go deeper to identify the device being used. Then, checking against a dynamic, device history database of nearly a billion deep, we deliver a device reputation, exposing negative behaviors and connections, and allowing you to stop criminals before they strike.

What's more, investigative tools further catch crooks by spotting characteristics consistent with fraud, even on a previously unknown device. Bottom line: against iovation, the poker face of a legitimate-looking account is no longer even close to being enough.