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iovation has seen a 220% increase in reported e-commerce account takeover (ATO) attacks over the last 12 months. Why the big jump? Fraudsters have become more sophisticated in their attack methods. They are using social engineering, bots, and phishing attacks, to name a few methods.

With this alarming increase in ATO, e-commerce companies are more vulnerable than ever to damaging customer relationships, destroying brand reputation and did we mention chargebacks? What is the solution? How can you stop and prevent ATO?

Join Angie White, e-commerce fraud expert at iovation, as she deconstructs the rise of ATO and the impacts on your business. She will dive into why device reputation matters and how implementing a customer-friendly authentication solution is key to a successful fraud-prevention strategy.

Key takeaways:

  • The impacts of ATO on the e-commerce industry
  • ATO attack methods and trends
  • How to prevent and stop ATO
  • How to balance customer experience with fraud prevention

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Angie White
Angie White
Product Marketing Manager / iovation, a TransUnion company