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Join fraud prevention experts iovation and Experian for a special webinar dedicated to discussing the recent FFIEC Guidance, "Supplement to Authentication in an Internet Banking Environment" asking financial institutions to mitigate risk using a variety of processes and technologies employing a multi-layered approach.

U.S. financial institutions are required to mitigate risk using a variety of processes and technologies, employed in a layered approach. Businesses are required to move beyond simple device identification, to more complex device identification and out-of-wallet identity verification procedures.

what you'll learn:

  • How to achieve risk-based authentication with device reputation, authentication, scores and analytics — all while minimizing friction for the customer.
  • How to apply proportional treatment to your risk-based authentication efforts and dynamically manage credit and non-credit data questions to fight fraud.
  • How to find optimal process points and question session configuration to strike the right balance between fraud prevention, customer experience, and cost.
  • The differences between simple device identification and complex device identification.
  • How leading financial institutions are collaborating using 'device reputation' today without sharing PII.

Register for this webinar and you'll see how layering iovation's device reputation services and Experian's authentication capabilities offer a comprehensive solution for not only meeting the FFIEC's most recent guidance, but exceeding them.