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Don't Leave Your Mobile Channel Unprotected

Fraudsters rely on your mobile gateways being unmonitored. They find opportunities in low protection levels at these entry points, frequently targeting websites using their smartphones, tablets, netbooks and laptops.

From 2010 to 2011, iovation found a 300% increase in mobile transactions and activity across our clients’ sites. With such rapid adoption, you need to understand how mobile fits into the puzzle—knowing how fraudsters' mobile devices and desktop devices are connected so that when one with a bad reputation is interacting with your online business, you know how to react.

The iovation ReputationManager 360 service provides complete protection against the risks posed by mobile devices. Combing through dozens of attributes—including (but not limited to) operating system, browser type, geolocation, stated and real IP address—we show you the whole picture of device type, device associations, device reputation and risks.

Mobile Fraud Protection for Browser and Apps

To stop evolving fraud schemes, you need to secure all pathways to your site. ReputationManager 360 tracks all mobile, Internet-enabled devices to prevent threats, whether they come from mobile browsers or your native applications. Our mobile SDKs (software development kit) for iOS and Android allow strong device identification for your mobile applications.

Know the Mobile Device Reputation

No one else has more experience preventing and understanding mobile fraud. Since we launched in 2004, we’ve tracked the online behavior of mobile devices—continually updating our technology to cover new device types and models. When the iPad was introduced, we already had reputations on the new iPads in use based on the network of associations that iovation continuously builds every single day. When new iPads connect to accounts that were previously connected to from other devices (desktops, laptops, consoles, etc.), our clients can understand the known mobile reputation to detect suspicious activity upfront and thwart unwanted attacks.

Maintain a Great Mobile User Experience

ReputationManager 360 runs in the background, requiring no extra steps or effort from your website visitors and customers, all while reducing fraud, increasing operational efficiencies, and minimizing customer friction.