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iovation Authentication & Fraud Prevention Solutions

Cybercriminals are constantly at work trying to penetrate business networks and acquire customer information. You need real-time authentication solutions that can identify fraudulent activity and stop it before it happens.  iovation offers a full suite of authentication and fraud prevention services that can be easily integrated with your existing business systems.

iovation is a leader in advanced multifactor authentication and fraud prevention services and hosts annual Fraud Force summits where the dynamic worlds of multifactor authentication and fraud prevention meet and evolve.

Watch the video below to see how iovation fights fraud with device intelligence.

Authentication & Fraud Prevention Solutions

iovation offers a suite of authentication and fraud detection solutions that help businesses secure their networks with advanced authentication and fraud prevention services.

Authentication Services

With a constant threat of compromised credentials and brute force hacks, consumer brands need multifactor authentication to secure online accounts. iovation LaunchKey provides stronger security for both the business and the consumer while delivering authentication that your customers actually like to use.

Analytics & Machine Learning Services

Our real-time machine learning fraud detection and prevention analytics are continuously monitoring billions of global transactions, looking for subtle device, transaction, and account patterns that predict fraudulent behavior.

iovation SureScore provides an adaptive, real-time score – using machine learning algorithms to detect subtle, global behavioral, context, and attribute patterns from devices, transactions, and accounts – that continuously protects you from new fraud trends.

Fraud Detection & Prevention Services

Apply our FraudForce device-based fraud prevention service to your online and mobile fraud challenges. Leverage the power of device intelligence and tap into over 50 million known fraud and abuse events such as account takeover, phishing scams, and credit card fraud.

Device anomalies can help you accurately separate the fraudsters from your good customers.


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iovation Advantages

  • Authenticate Anything, Automate Everything
    Identify and authenticate all device types, from phones and PCs to laptops and tablets, regardless of the platform, OS, brand, browser or mobile apps. 
  • iovation’s Global Device Intelligence Platform 
    The underlying platform to iovation’s ClearKey service is a worldwide network that delivers real-time intelligence on 5 billion devices from every country in the world, including the billions of associations that exist between these devices. It’s the largest database of device intelligence and insight in the industry today.
  • Secure Every Point in the Customer’s Journey 
    iovation’s authentication and fraud prevention solutions can be used at any point along the customer’s online journey, from account creation to purchasing, to assure a user’s identity and combat fraud.

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