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Establish Identity

Establish identity with greater confidence by verifying against a broad set of personal and digital data.

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Authenticate Consumers

Secure each point of the customer journey with authentication methods tailored to the transaction risk level.

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Prevent Fraud

Proactively identify fraudulent transactions and behaviors of any given device in real time.

Unique features that enable you to quickly fight back against evolving fraud tactics.

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  • 360-degree view of consumer identity

    Unprecedented online and offline data sets create a precise view of personal and digital identity. Up to five years of historical device data is transferred to associated new devices for deeper identity insights.

  • Global network of fraud and risk insights

    IDVision with iovation® employs data regarding confirmed fraudulent activity for additional insights about devices, locations and behavior.

  • Flexible orchestration engine and integration options

    Options to meet customer business needs in any regulatory environment — whether PII-dependent or PII-constrained. Solutions can be delivered in real time or batch for full solution suite or select capabilities.

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