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The Power of Machine Learning 

What if you could predict the outcome of any given online transaction, even if you have absolutely no experience with the particular customer involved in the transaction? By analyzing device, transaction, contextual, and behavioral indicators, iovation's fraud detection machine learning solution SureScore can predict if a transaction can be trusted or will eventually become fraudulent. Using this intelligence, you can offer additional incentives to your best customers, block fraudsters, and prioritize your manual review queues.

Predictive transaction insight using advanced machine learning

Our real-time fraud detection machine learning predictive analytics are continuously monitoring billions of global transactions, looking for subtle device, transaction, and account patterns that predict fraudulent behavior.

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  • Fraudsters are fast and continuously trying different tactics to break your defenses. Even though you may have an extensive set of business rules to fight fraud that is known to you, how often are you able to update them?

  • SureScore is an adaptive, real-time fraud detection machine learning score – using machine learning algorithms to detect subtle, global behavioral, context, and attribute patterns from devices, transactions, and accounts – that continuously protects you from new fraud trends.

  • Smart Learning

    SureScore automatically learns from the millions of confirmed fraud reports placed by our fraud prevention analysts.

  • Millions of Attribute Patterns

    SureScore analyzes millions of patterns of device, transaction, and account attributes to detect subtle patterns that indicate fraud.

  • Risk and Trust

    SureScore is a full-range fraud detection score that predicts the degree of risk or trust of the transaction.

Identifying good customers is just as important as knowing which ones pose a high risk 

It costs 6-7 times more to acquire a new customer than keep an existing one. When valuable customers are delayed by extra authentication steps on your site, they can become frustrated. “Trust” means knowing your valued customers across different devices. Whether they visit your site through a mobile app, laptop or tablet, the experience should be frictionless. SureScore is an adaptive fraud detection machine learning score that predicts the outcome of a transaction. The higher the score, the more likely the current user action will be legitimate. The lower the score, the more likely it will be fraudulent.

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Know bad from good through machine learning 

How do you know if transactions from online visitors are trustworthy, even if you have never seen them before? Using advanced machine learning fraud detection algorithms, SureScore analyzes millions of transaction and attribute permutations from billions of transactions to create a single score that predicts the riskiness or trustworthiness of the transaction. And it’s all done in real time to provide you with immediate, actionable insight. SureScore takes into consideration data points such as the past behavior of a device or account, device attribute risks, geolocation mismatches, and whether it’s associated with other groups of devices and accounts, just to name a few.

  • Device Attributes

    Patterns associated with risk

  • Zero History of Fraud

    No reported high-risk device behavior

  • Group of Associations

    Number of related devices and accounts

  • Account & Device Behavior

    Behavioral indicators for the device and account

Offer trusted customers your best promotion

Being able to map your brand communications and marketing efforts to your most valuable customers provides a significant competitive advantage. A high SureScore means, in part, that these customers can be entrusted with your best promotions and premium offers.

Slow down fraud, not your customers

As an optional, add-on capability to iovation Fraud Prevention, it is easy to add SureScore to your existing Fraud Prevention business rules.  You can add a real-time SureScore check at account creation, login or payment. It sets numeric thresholds, and based on the value, you decide on a course of action. A preset range of scores lets you either allow an action to go through without further authentication or challenge, send it for review or deny it outright. This gives you the ability to target your best promotions and offers to your most trustworthy customers.

Increase revenue and achieve fast ROI

Make sure your high value customers have a frictionless experience when they visit your site. A good experience builds brand loyalty and raises your Net Promoter Score. SureScore provides data that can increase revenue, improve customer satisfaction, and lower deny rates.

  • Decrease Manual Reviews

    Manual reviews are expensive and take time. Ensure that transactions from your good customers aren't stuck in your review queue.

  • Improve Customer Experience

    Allow your best customers to skip costly security checks while building loyalty with a frictionless customer experience on your site.

  • Increase Revenue Opportunities

    Offer special promotions or immediately convert trusted customers to a high status VIP. Use SureScore for targeted marketing or personalization.

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