The Device Reputation Authority is a dynamic collection of solutions, data, reporting, analytics and expertise that customers use to solve specific online business challenges.

Information is power, and no one has more information about internet transactions coupled with device risk than iovation. The Device Reputation Authority (DRA) makes available data on known device profiles, account profiles, associations, evidence of fraud and abuse attempts submitted by our customers, configurable and weighted business rules for transaction types per subscriber, and the world's most sophisticated device identification engine. The business rules engine fulfills transaction requests, returning an allow, deny or review response, based on multiple sets of rules to be executed for each interaction point (such as account creation, login, account change, checkout) for each subscriber.

Easy Deployment

iovation services are SaaS-based and simple to implement. iovation's experts provide guidance along the way.

Real-Time Business Rules

Customizable and configurable individual business rules are grouped into rule sets and applied to specific end-user touchpoints. From account login to sophisticated combinations of complex transactions, weighted business rules translate business needs into queries and deliver risk scores, returning allow, deny or review recommendations, plus details on rules tested and the results.

Mobile Fraud Detection

Mobile SDKs: Advanced capabilities including SDKs for iPhone and Android.

iovation's comprehensive device reputation checks evaluate transactions for 5 levels of risk.

  1. Transaction Anomaly: Check mismatches of language, time zone, IP address, proxies, and disabled components.
  2. Velocity & Geography: Set business rules to know when activity thresholds have been met or exceeded including logins per minute, new accounts created, the number of accounts accessed in a given timeframe, or when a user is trying to hide their real location.
  3. Profile Risk: For new devices, check against aggregate profiles of risky accounts or devices.
  4. Factual Evidence: Know immediately when a known bad device (computer, tablet, or mobile phone) that has been associated with chargebacks, account takeover, identity theft and more touches your site.
  5. Account Associations: Identify cybercriminals working together and shut down entire fraud rings at once.

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Provide your good customers with a sleek, speedy and secure login experience. Choose invisible device-based authentication or multifactor methods that adapt based on a perceived threat.

Secure Customer Logins

Ready for the next step?

In just minutes, we’ll show you how to improve your customer authentication experience, stop fraud and save money.