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Identifying good customers is as important as knowing who’s high risk.

It costs 6-7 times more to acquire a new customer than retain an existing one. When valuable customers are delayed by extra authentication steps on your site, they can become frustrated. Trust means knowing who your valued customers are across devices. Whether they visit your site from an app, laptop or tablet, the experience should be frictionless. Our predictive score indicates the trust rating of the device used for a transaction. The higher the score, the more likely it is that the current user-action will be legitimate, and that future actions from the device will be as well.

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Identify who's trustworthy from day one.

The opposite of risk is trust. So how do you know if a device, and by extension your customer is trustworthy? We evaluate an immense amount of data for you and distill it into one score that measures trust. Some of the data points we take into consideration are the past known behavior of a device, how often we’ve seen it, and whether it’s associated with other groups of devices. You’ll gain immediate insight into the trust level of any device in our knowledge base.

  • Tenure of devices

    Length of time the devices have been seen

  • Zero history of fraud

    No reported high-risk device behavior

  • Group of associations

    Limited number of related devices and accounts

Offer trusted customers your best promotion.

There is a huge benefit to mapping your brand communications and marketing efforts to your most valuable customers. A high trust score means, in part, that these customers can be entrusted with your best promotions and high end offers.

Slow down fraud, not your customer.

This business rule lets you apply a trust score in real-time at account creation, login or payment. It sets numeric thresholds, and based on the value, you decide on a course of action. A preset range of scores lets you either allow an action to go through without further authentication or challenge, send it for review or deny it outright. This gives you the ability to target your best promotions and offers to your most trustworthy customers.

Gain revenue uplift and measurable ROI.

Make sure your high value customers have a frictionless experience when they visit your site. A good experience builds brand loyalty and raises your Net Promoter Score. Our trust service provides data that can increase revenue, improve customer satisfaction, and lower deny rates.

  • Decrease Manual Reviews

    Manual reviews are expensive and take time. Ensure that transactions from your good customers aren't stuck in your review queue.

  • Improve Customer Experience

    Allow your best customers to skip costly security checks while building loyalty with a frictionless customer experience on your site.

  • Increase Revenue Opportunities

    Offer special promotions or immediately convert trusted customers to a high status VIP. Use Trust for targeted marketing or personalization.

Get Trusted Users In Your Revenue Stream Sooner

There is a direct correlation between a customer’s satisfaction with a company and the number of authentication steps they are put through when creating an account, logging in or making a payment. iovation’s Trust Score gives Paf insight into trustworthy customers, working in the background, without adding friction to the customer experience.

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