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What are the trends transforming the financial services industry in 2019? And how can businesses stay relevant and profitable in 2020? Get answers to these questions and more as we walk through the highlights of the 2019 iovation Financial Services Fraud and Consumer Trust Report.

Join iovation, a TransUnion company, as we provide key findings from analyzing 5.9 billion financial services transactions protected by iovation, 1604 consumer interviews both in the U.S. and the U.K., and the impact of fraud on consumers’ perceptions and buying decisions. Through our conversations with industry leaders and interviews with consumers, we answer three main questions in the report, and expand upon them in this webinar:

  1. How is fraud changing for banking and lending?
  2. As consumers shift to mobile, are fraudsters following?
  3. Is consumer trust a priority over consumer experience?

Register today and then share back with your team, these new findings on the key market drivers that will shape the financial services industry in 2020.

If you haven’t already, pre-registered to download the full 2019 iovation Financial Services Fraud and Consumer Trust Report to learn more.

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Molly Hetz
Molly Hetz Product Marketing Manager / iovation, a TransUnion Company