It is becoming increasingly difficult to battle online fraudsters as their techniques are growing increasingly complex. Sophisticated fraudsters mask their true identity through techniques like hiding their location, hijacking accounts, and using stolen credit cards and credentials. Using machine learning techniques, fraud prevention professionals can gain insight into the past behavior of individual devices used for transactions and better assess whether those transactions may be fraudulent. Join John Taylor, iovation Manager of Analytics and Data Science, and Jim Hendrie, iovation Product Manager, to learn:

* How to optimize your online fraud prevention strategy through machine learning
* The types of fraud that machine learning algorithms are most likely to catch
* How growth of mobile traffic is changing the behavior of online fraud

Join our panel to hear how machine learning can help you reduce fraud prevention costs and improve customer satisfaction.


Eddie Glenn
Eddie Glenn Product Marketing Manager / iovaton
Jim Hendrie
Jim Hendrie Product Manager / iovation
John Taylor
John Taylor Manager of Analytics and Data Science / iovation
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