IMG Webinar Digital Front Door

As more customers go digital, it’s your job to build delightful experiences that allow them to easily access your apps. If you don’t deliver, they’ll leave. Then, all the work you’ve done to get them to your registration or login page will go out the window. Acquiring and retaining customers is a critical step in your user journey, and customer identity plays a key role.

Join Richard Bird, Chief Customer Information Officer at Ping Identity and Greg Pierson, SVP, Business Planning & Development at TransUnion, formerly iovation, as they discuss how to use customer identity to:

  • Make registration seamless for a great first impression
  • Streamline login for returning visitors
  • Assess risk when customers access your digital properties
  • Architect for scale to handle increased digital demand

In this webinar crafted specifically for identity practitioners, attendees will learn specific considerations that can ensure that their customer identity solution delivers extraordinary digital experiences that help acquire and retain customers.


Greg Pierson
Greg Pierson SVP, Business Planning & Development / TransUnion
Richard Bird
Richard Bird Chief Customer Information Officer / Ping Identity
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