Cybercriminals have a variety of tools and techniques — as well as opportunities — to steal money and services. Furthermore, traditional fraud prevention tools often fail to stop this fraudulent activity.

Companies need a new approach to fraud prevention — one that stops fraud early and preserves the user experience.
Join our webinar, as we demonstrate how you can leverage next-generation fraud prevention to prevent more fraud while reducing costs and improving the user experience for trusted customers.

Topics will include:

  • Today's Fraudster: Examine the new tools and techniques cybercriminals are using to commit fraud
  • Exploring Device Intelligence: Introduce the concepts of device recognition, reputation, and associations for blocking fraudulent activity
  • Leveraging Human Insight and Machine Learning: Explain how human insight and machine learning are better together in the fight against fraud
  • Harnessing the Power of Next-generation Device Intelligence: Explore the benefits of a next-generation approach to fraud prevention beyond simply catching more fraud
  • Ten Buying Criteria for a Next-gen Fraud Prevention Solution: Enumerate criteria for choosing a next-gen fraud prevention solution

Register today for this webinar on November 15! Even if you can't make the webinar, we'll email a recording of it to all registrants.

Want more information on fraud prevention strategies that reduce costs from fraud loss while providing a positive user experience for trusted customers? Download our Definitive Guide to Next Generation Fraud Prevention eBook.


Eddie Glenn
Eddie Glenn Product Marketing Manager / iovaton
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