Everyone knows that a layered approach to security is needed to protect your business. But how do you maintain strong security for both your business and the consumer while delivering authentication that your customers actually like to use? It’s never been easier to increase security without sacrificing the user experience.

Did you know that before you employ multifactor authentication (MFA) that you can easily do a device check that gives you insight to the risk associated with a device? A device risk insight check should be your first line of defense, allowing you to quickly authenticate trusted customers while stopping cyber-criminals. It is instantaneous and allows your business to see if the device being used has been associated with fraud or other risky behaviors. In this webinar we will discuss:

  • The elements needed for an effective device insight risk check
  • How MFA and device risk insight checks work together
  • Best practices for MFA and risk checks throughout the customer journey

Join us to learn how as cyber-criminals begin to widen their net, you can leverage risk-based multifactor authentication to improve the customer experience without compromising security.


Michael Thelander
Michael Thelander Sr. Director of Product Marketing / iovation
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