Device Intelligence for Enhanced Digital Profiling and Optimised Risk Mitigation

In today’s ever-changing online eco-system that encompasses continuous technology advancements, multiple end-user device implementations and vulnerability to modern fraudsters, the usability of smart technology, like device intelligence, is paramount for efficient and successful risk mitigation on a global scale.

In this webinar presented by 4Stop and iovation; leaders passionate about making online engagements not only user-friendly but secure and trustworthy, discuss the importance and benefits device intelligence offers your fraud defense.

You’ll learn about:

  • How device intelligence enhances on-boarding and transactional KYC in a post-breach environment.
  • That you can reduce your risk and leverage a global network of over five billion devices.
  • The importance of layering diverse technologies to overcome modern browsers’ tracking technology.
  • Improving your bottom line through device risk insight.
  • The benefits of device reputation to enhance digital profiling and fraud behavior mapping to combat fraud and bring trust to every online interaction.
  • How to utilise multi-factor verification and authentication services to automate your risk mitigation.
  • The impact businesses have seen by implementing device intelligence.


Nolan Bolusan
Nolan Bolusan COO / 4Stop
Tom Pak
Tom Pak VP, Solution and Sales Specialists / iovation, Inc.
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