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The financial services industry has had a strong and growing online presence for years, yet social distancing is increasing the demand for digital transactions.

Your customers are not alone in picking up the pace of digital adoption: fraudsters are doing the same thing. In fact, fraudulent activities such as identity theft and account takeover have been increasing significantly. Ensuring digital trust while preventing cybercrime will position your business to gain market share and improve customer lifetime value.

Watch this panel of European financial experts who discuss:

  • Why identity theft is the most significant form of fraud right now
  • What is fueling this costly and damaging trend
  • How to assess ‘trust’ during an interaction
  • How the fraud landscape is evolving
  • How a recession should alter your approach to fraud risk


Shaun Smith, Enterprise Sales at TransUnion

Sam Davison, Pre-Sales Consultant at TransUnion


John Marsden, Head of Fraud & Authentication EMEA at TransUnion


Johnathan Souter, Fraud Operations Analyst at Vanquis Bank

Mark Stevens, Fraud Manager at Oakbrook Finance

Stephen Paxton, Head of Credit at Zopa

Marius Galdikas, CTO/CPO at ConnectPay

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