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Machine Learning represents an exciting way forward for financial institutions (FIs) looking for more effective ways to predict fraud - especially new types of fraud that have not been seen before. While most FI's recognize the promise that ML analytics will have in helping them root out a variety of fraud types, many of them remain in the early stages of this journey.

iovation recently partnered with research firm Aite Group to better gauge how FI's are currently employing ML in their fraud prevention strategy and their plans to adopt ML technologies in the coming years. In this webinar, Julie Conroy, Research Director for Aite alongside Eddie Glenn, product marketing manager for iovation, will explore some of the key findings from this report and based on the survey findings, will provide guidance to FIs of all sizes for implementing a successful ML strategy.


Eddie Glenn
Eddie Glenn Product Marketing Manager / iovaton
Julie Conroy
Julie Conroy Director of Research / Aite Group
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