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Ghost broking is what keeps insurance fraud managers up at night. It’s a scam whereby fraudsters purchase insurance with false details and resell the policy to the unsuspecting victim, who is then not covered if an event occurs.

Hear from Stephen Adams, Fraud Manager at, as he shares his experience using iovation’s device intelligence solution to fight fraud, prosecute fraud rings and protect their panel of insurers. As an avid member of iovation’s insurance community, he will also share the benefits of having access to iovation’s device consortium and open community to discuss current fraud trends.

Join us to learn about:

  • How uses iovation to tackle fraud
  • How protects our insurer panel
  • The benefits of iovation’s technology and community
  • Prosecuting a fraud ring in conjunction with another iovation client

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Shaun Smith
Shaun Smith Insurance Subject Matter Expert - EMEA / iovation, a TransUnion Company
Stephen Adams
Stephen Adams Fraud Manager /
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